We Manufacture Custom Food Safe Silicone Molds Such as Chocolate Molds, Candy Molds, Silicone Lids, Butter Molds & More...

Our Recent Work

At Food Safe Silicone Molds, our recent work highlights our dedication to innovation and excellence in the field of silicone-based culinary solutions. We have been relentlessly pushing the boundaries of design and functionality to bring you the latest advancements in silicone kitchenware, bakeware, utensils, and storage solutions. Our recent projects at Food Grade Silicone Products include the development of state-of-the-art silicone baking mats that ensure even heat distribution and easy release, as well as cutting-edge silicone food storage containers that are not only airtight but also space-efficient.

Additionally, our team has focused on crafting eco-friendly silicone utensils that are durable and comfortable to use. All our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest food safety standards, and our FDA-approved silicone materials are non-toxic and BPA-free. Experience the quality and innovation of our recent work by exploring our diverse range of food grade silicone products today.

Full Portfolio

If you have any requirements, feel free to contact us at +1(647)-294-5240 OR info@foodsafesiliconemolds.com to discuss your requirements in detail. Our Engineers & Designers will understand your requirement and will suggest the Tool Design, the kind of material suitable for mold making and production along with the number of cavities required depending upon your future production projection. At Food Safe Silicone Molds, we are happy to serve you!